Safety, Supply, Shifting and Celebrating

safety, supply, shifting and celebrating

This week sees a number of announcements from around the truck and trucking industry, which can be summarised as including safety, supply, shifting and celebrating. 

safety, supply, shifting and celebrating
Volvo I-Shift gearbox

Fast Shifting

Volvo Trucks reckons its automated I-Shift gearbox is now faster than ever, with a quicker response time providing improved driveability and smoothness to the driving of both diesel and electric heavy-duty trucks.

This improved high-speed shifting is achieved based on several key improvements. First, updated sensors now provide data with higher accuracy to the control unit, which features new software and a faster microprocessor, for much quicker calculation times. Second, an added disc in the gearbox brake makes it react faster before a gear shift, so it can be done earlier. Finally, the air volume has also been reduced in different actuation systems, for example the shift forks, the clutch and the gearbox brake, to further enable a faster gear shift.

Fuel Supply Concerns

NatRoad is concerned that fuel security remains a huge vulnerability for the trucking industry, especially in light of recent media reportage about our over-reliance on imports. NatRoad highlights a report by the Australia Institute, which says that 91 per cent of Australia’s overall fuel supply in fiscal year 2021 was imported, primarily from Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and China. It adds that Australia currently has just 68 days’ worth of fuel reserves.

According to NatRoad, the Morrison Government did move last year to launch a $200 million competitive grants program for diesel storage. The Government’s liquid fuel storage program aims to increase diesel stocks around the country by 40 per cent.

safety, supply, shifting and celebrating

Active Safety Package

Hino Australia has announced that its comprehensive Hino SmartSafe active safety package is now standard across its entire range of 700 Series trucks.

“We have already received excellent feedback on the 4×2, 6×2 and 6×4 700 Series models since their launch in August 2021, and that positive customer response supports the inclusion of Hino SmartSafe as standard equipment on all new orders for the 700 Series FY 8×4 models,” said Daniel Petrovski, Department Manager of Product Strategy for Hino Australia.

“As promised, every Hino 700 Series model offered to the Australian market will now include the full Hino SmartSafe safety package as standard equipment.

safety, supply, shifting and celebrating

Built Ready

Fuso says it has upgraded its Built Ready factory tipper range with a two-way tailgate and additional standard features for its popular Canter 815 model. It has also turned up the volume and increased the space inside the load area from 2.4 cubic metres to 2.6 cubic metres.

The 615 tipper has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 6000kg and the 815 tipper has a GVM of 7500kg. Both trucks can be classified with a 4500kg rating if they are to be driven by car licence holders. 

safety, supply, shifting and celebrating

Two Anniversaries

This month marks three decades since Iveco first launched in the Australian truck market. This occurred after the company took over the operations of International Trucks. To leverage International’s prominence and high-standing in the local market, the new entity was firstly known as International Trucks Australia, before changing to Iveco Trucks Australia in 2002.

The takeover allowed Iveco to take over several existing and respected International models, including the iconic ACCO range, while also providing it with a platform to launch its own brand and begin building awareness among Australian buyers.

“Our brand has certainly come a long way since taking those first steps in the Australian market,” said Michael May, Iveco Australia Managing Director. “While core benefits such as reliability and low total cost of ownership are just as important now as they were 30 years ago, the truck or van purchaser of today is much more sophisticated.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation is celebrating the Fuso brand’s 90th anniversary in May 2022. The origin of the Fuso name dates back to May 1932, when Mitsubishi’s first petrol bus, the ‘B46 type shared car’, manufactured at the Kobe Shipyard of the former Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, was branded ‘Fuso’. 

The word Fuso originally refers to a large sacred tree that was once said to be in the place of the sunrise in China. The word is now used as a name for the hibiscus flower. It is also said that it was used as a synonym for Japan in ancient China.

safety, supply, shifting and celebrating

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