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Safety at Toll NQX

An initiative by Toll NQX in Brisbane attracted around 600 key industry figures to get a chance to share the latest safety solutions as part of Safe Work Australia Month. They held the annual Safety Showcase event the new Toll NQX facility at Karawatha in Brisbane’s south, in conjunction with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.


Reverse Alert


According too Toll NQX, the event provided a forum for the transport industry to come together and share knowledge and ideas to help ensure all workers, wherever their workplace, return home safely.


“Each year, thousands of Australians are impacted by work related injuries,” said Toll NQX General Manager Greg Smith. “In addition to lost time at work and productivity, employees can also lose valuable time with family and friends. The Safety Showcase enabled industry leaders to demonstrate safety solutions they’ve implemented in their own workplaces to help reduce work-related injuries across the entire sector. It’s all about sharing knowledge and keeping people safe.


“This year’s innovations focused on the top four issues in safety management including load restraint, portable driver exclusion, fall prevention and vehicle immobilisations. Toll NQX was proud to share the progress we’ve made on our custom made device called the Guard Dog which sits on the dog and chain to absorb energy and prevent injuries when releasing the dog.


Guard Dog


“We were also pleased to demonstrate our trial of the Reverse Alert – technology which uses cameras, sensors and a braking system to stop a vehicle when it gets too close to an object.”

Volvo’s unique rollover simulator, a life-size truck cabin that uses hydraulics to simulate the effects of a truck rollover was also on display.


“At Toll NQX safety is more than a priority, it’s a value. We never forget that our people are husbands, fathers, sons and daughters, and we are always looking to see what improvements we can make to assist with incident prevention. We were pleased to host such an important initiative as we come together to make workplaces safer for all.”


The event was sponsored by Adaptalift, Brisbane Isuzu, Drug Fit, Mercedes-Benz, Paccar, RBG Lawyers, Vawdrey and Volvo.

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