SAF-HOLLAND minimises the risk of incorrect trailer coupling | TRANSPORT NEWS

SAF-HOLLAND’s advanced ELl-te™ Electronic Lock indicator provides enhanced safety and efficiency for operators when coupling commercial trailers. 

The new  ELl-te™ has been developed for the popular FW351/FW331 HOLLAND fifth wheel, assisting the driver to ensure that  a complete coupling is achieved every time.

When the king pin is properly seated in the fifth wheel lock jaws, four bright LED lights are illuminated to confirm that the connection is sound and secure. In the event that the coupling attempt has failed, a bright red flashing light will be illuminated to alert the driver to a problem.

Designed to work efficiently in real world conditions, the electronics, circuitry and components are sealed against grease and road grime and all electronics are mounted on the fifth wheel. A sealed one piece wiring harness connects the lamps, cable, sensors and logic module and the entire system is connected to the tractor with a one cable connection.

The SAF-HOLLAND ELl-te™ is available on the complete FW351/FW331 HOLLAND fifth wheel and also available as a retrofit kit for field applications plus as a top plate replacement.

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