Running an Efficient Bulk Transport Operation

running an efficient bulk transport operation

Lachlan George has been running his business, George Transport for 15 years and has learnt running an efficient bulk transport operation can be a tricky job and getting the business systems right is essential. He has learnt there is a need to work on weighing up the alternatives, to get the right balance of efficiency, profitability and compliance.

Based in Lake Goldsmith in Victoria and Toowoomba in Queensland, the business has grown the fleet to a position where it is all about making the right decisions to get the best out of his team, and his fleet.

Although all of the operation’s compliance and IAP uses a Teletrac Navman system, George Transport also use another system, My Trucking for scheduling and invoicing. Each driver works from the My Trucking app on their phone. 

running an efficient bulk transport operation

Although Lachie likes the idea of using EWDs he is nervous about the process of moving across to a new system.

“We haven’t ventured over there yet, with the boys,” says Lachie. “It’s one of those things where I would really like to sit down with them and actually go though asking them how they feel about the idea. We just haven’t had a chance to actually do that, running into harvest and things like that.

“Actually, it’s something I haven’t ventured into and talked about much. I just want it to quiet down a little so we have the time to have the conversations with the drivers. I want to have the discussion, rather than try and force something like that.

“There’s not enough good staff out there at the moment, for you to be able to try and force people to go one way or the other. Whatever is comfortable for them, at the minute, is what we are doing.”

The workforce in the Victorian part of the business is relatively young for the industry, with an average age in the late twenties. This is unusual for the industry, but Lachie being quite young himself. clearly knows how attract that demographic.

running an efficient bulk transport operation

The operation in Queensland has to be more autonomous, with drivers expected to use their own initiative more. As a result, the average age of drivers is older, most in their forties or fifties, with plenty of experience. 

“I’m based in Victoria and for the last 18 months I haven’t been able to get up to Queensland,” says Lachie. “So, to have those experienced guys up there and be able to get them to keep an eye on things and talk to me about what’s going on up there, it works really well. I’ve got bit of a different demographic in the two areas, but it works for us.”

Apart from the ten drivers out on the road, the organisation runs with an office staff of three, including Lachie and his wife. The mechanics who work on the trucks are used on a contract basis, when needed.

running an efficient bulk transport operation

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