Rottnest Express buys Higer bus

Iconic Perth ferry operator, Rottnest Express, has broken with a quarter century attachment to European coaches by adding a new Higer 10.5 metre 45 seat bus to its transfer fleet.

Rottnest Express is the largest and most experienced company operating transfers to Perth tourist hotspot, RottnestIsland, and has two Gold Tourism awards for eco-tourism to its name.

The company was seeking a more cost effective alternative in the mid size coach market and Higer’s value for money proposition along with the after sales service and back up led Rottnest Express to purchase a Higer 10.5.

According to director of Rottnest Express, Ian Dawson, the company wanted a coach that could not only serve its transfer needs, but at the same time act as a mobile billboard for the company.

“The Higer has been perfect in meeting both these needs,” Dawsonsaid. “Although our customers are only on the bus for about 15 minutes, they love it. The air conditioning works well, they are all comfortable and it’s ideally suited to our needs.”

Ian Dawson has more than 30 years experience as a coach operator, having managed large fleets of up to 30 coaches while running Australian Pinnacle Tours, as well as the Western Australian franchises for Greyline and Australian Pacific Day Tours. Significantly, this is the first time in his career that he has purchased a non-European bus.

“I was sceptical of the Chinese brand at first,”Dawsonadmitted. “I’ve been in the coach industry for a long time and always stuck to manufacturers I knew with a proven track record. However, Higer has proven to be a value for money solution to our needs.”

While there were some minor teething issues with the Rottnest Express Higer, Ian Dawson was quick to praise Perth dealer Higer Centre WA for its swift work to rectify the problems.

“WA Higer was very good to deal with – the service department was very helpful when we had a small fuel issue – and parts availability is good,” he added. “We are very happy with the Higer and I am sure we will look at another one in the not too distant future. They are great value for money and very cost effective.”

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