Road and Load Ready Truck

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The concept of a road and load ready truck is pretty easy to comprehend, the truck buyer avoids the complex and extremely time consuming task of picking out the right cab chassis for a freight task and then taking this to the body builder to have the right sort of freight carrying body fitted. Then, at long last, the truck can then hit the road and start making money.

The trucking industry in Australia first saw the new Freightpack range when it was officially previewed at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show. It takes the concept a little further and a little higher up the weight range. It is based on the F Series and sees a number of models available with bodies from 10 pallets up to 14 pallets. 

There are five Freightpack models available in the Isuzu medium duty range from a small FRR 240 hp AMT all the way up to an FVL curtainsider at 300 hp with an Allison automatic transmission. This top of the range is the model Diesel took out on the road to take a look at all of the features which are included in the Freightpack package. 

The dashboard looks a little dated and we can expect this to remain the case until the overall Isuzu range gets a full update up to the next generation of electronics and really comes into the 21st century. 

Don’t hold your breath on this update, but what Isuzu had on display at the Tokyo Motor Show late last year, and the developing co-operation between Isuzu and Volvo Group as UD Trucks move across into the Isuzu camp, suggests the next generation is going to become available, on a timescale yet to be announced.

The curtains on the Freightpack have just three buckles which make for quick opening and closing of the curtains for multi-drop delivery drivers. These are serious buckles, known as the Lightning Latch, part of the Freighter offering and providing enough tension to keep the curtain in place out on the road.

The buckles are adjustable with a nut on the fitting and, when driving along the Western Highway, the curtains stayed tight and there was very little noticeable flap at 100 km/h. Throughout the road test the curtains retained the correct tension. This is a road and load ready truck.


road and load ready truck