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SUPER B – SUPER SPECIAL | TRAILER REVIEW – Super B-doubles for K & S Freighters

PowerTorque finds that new truck and trailer combinations are making their contribution to improve productivity for K&S Freighters. There are two big factors that lead the charge in terms of equipment design – productivity and safety. While the two often don’t work together, with increased safety leading to reduced productivity and vice-versa, many operators are finding ways to make the ...

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ICE CUBE | TRAILER REVIEW – Vawdrey Iceliner improves thermal efficiency while reducing weight

Changes to the Vawdrey Iceliner improve thermal efficiency while reducing weight   When you consider the size of the Australian transport industry, and the limited scope for sales of new equipment, it is surprising to see the number of manufacturers offering products to the market. In terms of trailers, the number of manufacturers fighting for market share has grown dramatically ...

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Productivity Plus

Maxwell Freightlines pioneers high productivity interstate road trains from Melbourne It’s often said that the Australian road transport operation is one of the most efficient in the world. Certainly, other countries envy our ability to run B-doubles and road trains, already one jump ahead of the Europeans with their single semitrailers. While the Europeans are experimenting with the idea of ...

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Maxwell FreightLines has taken delivery of the first two of a total of four Vawdrey Titeliner A-double combinations to operate Interstate from Victoria. Matched to a Volvo FH700 and Kenworth K200, the PBS approval authorised by the NHVR has produced an exceptional focus on safety, with Wabco EBS, ABS, roll stability and Air-Weigh onboard weighing systems. The combination comprises 2 ...

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Looking Forward

It must be a rather pleasant position to be able to order a new B-double trailer set with all the bells and whistles, as Pat Cook, events manager and driver trainer for Penske Commercial Vehicles knows only too well. With the recent change of ownership for the importation and distribution of Western Star, MAN and Dennis Eagle products into this ...

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