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Trending Multinational | Trailer Review – Stefanutti Construction

Mixing national origins and vehicle buying preferences is just part of the success story of Stefanutti Constructions. Words by Warren Caves, images by Torque it Up  Urbanisation is driving growth in the civil construction and earthworks arena, and, with business growing strongly, it’s enabled Stefanutti Construction to form an alliance with Scania Trucks and Sloanebuilt Trailers to capitalise on our ...

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Choosing disc brakes, EBS and roll stability was an easy choice for KIM Haulage. Some three years ago, PowerTorque visited Kim Haulage of Londonderry, on the north western outskirts of Sydney, to discuss how being an early adopter of technology could prove to be the right decision for efficiency, reliability and, above all, safety. Founder and managing director, Ken McClelland, ...

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Changing Times

The creation of new infrastructure has meant a major increase in tipper and dog trailer operation within the Sydney basin – Words and images by Warren Caves  Despite changes in leadership, governments, both federal and state, have initiated various programmes that combine to link expenditure of over $33 billion to deliver infrastructure benefits that are crucial to the future efficiency ...

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Every man needs a shed, and Best Sheds is finding that Sloanebuilt makes delivery a much easier affair – Words and images by Warren Caves. Sloanebuilt Trailers has been associated with the manufacture of quality aluminium tipping bodies and tipping trailers to the transport industry for many years. However, many might not expect to see a steel flatbed semitrailer wearing ...

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Making the right impression means coordinating every aspect of the business for Select Quarry Materials It’s been two years since the merger of Central Quarry Materials and The Good Soil created the new business entity of Select Quarry Materials. But for joint managing directors Mark Allen and Michael Sultana, it’s been an exciting journey as they establish the brand on ...

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