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TANKER TORQUE – Simpson Fuel Supplies | TRAILER REVIEW – Holmwood Highgate Tankers

Warren Caves reports on the latest Holmwood Highgate tanker to join the Simpson Fuel Supplies fleet. Hazardous goods transport requires the highest levels of efficiency and safety in the trucking profession. As Australia has embraced new and more efficient trailer designs that enhance safety and increase productivity, companies such as Simpson Fuel Supplies are leading the industry with innovation, working ...

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POLE POSITION | TRAILER REVIEW – Rytrans Manufacturing Livestock Exchange Unit

Moving cattle between livestock crates has been fraught with danger. PowerTorque reports on how Rytrans Manufacturing is making that task a lot safer. Livestock transport is not a glamourous game. Chasing stock up and down narrow ramps, at all hours of the day or night, and in any weather, is not a job that everyone would enjoy. It takes a ...

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SEEN TO BE GREEN | TRAILER REVIEW -Allstone Quarries and TEFCO Trailers gain a mutual benefit from close cooperation

Allstone Quarries and TEFCO Trailers gain a mutual benefit from close cooperation We live in an era where convenience and environmental concerns are both important issues, but often seem to contradict each other. In recent times, some industries have made big leaps in bringing the two together, with the number of solar panels and wind farms we see in our ...

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Premium Performer | Barker Trailer Review

PowerTorque profiles Barker Trailers of Woodend, Victoria Barker Trailers has long held its reputation for building strong, long-lasting trailers, built to the specific needs of its customers. From its main factory in Woodend, an hour north of Melbourne, the company has built almost ten thousand trailers since manufacturing started in 1975, and, while the market and the products have evolved, a ...

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Fuel for Thought

Warren Caves provides firsthand experience of the fuel tanker industry After a tragic high-profile fuel tanker accident at Mona Vale in 2013 and subsequent recent court case, PowerTorque magazine takes a closer look at road fuel transport safety. While heavy vehicle accidents for whatever reason are unfortunately not uncommon, fuel tanker crashes are more likely to be much more spectacular ...

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