Company Profiles

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Beer O’Clock

From Garbage to Grain – Dave Whyte profiles Fellows Bulk Logistics With the recent harvest being one of the best in a long time, those involved in the transport and storage of the bumper crop are hard at work looking after the product our farmers have worked so hard to provide. While most of us take for granted the ability ...

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Productivity Plus

Maxwell Freightlines pioneers high productivity interstate road trains from Melbourne It’s often said that the Australian road transport operation is one of the most efficient in the world. Certainly, other countries envy our ability to run B-doubles and road trains, already one jump ahead of the Europeans with their single semitrailers. While the Europeans are experimenting with the idea of ...

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Custom and Classic

Warren Caves focuses his photographic skills on Graham Brown and Daughter Transport At PowerTorque we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest developments in technology, innovation and new model truck and equipment releases. We also understand that for some, equally as important as payloads, fuel economy and the bottom line, are styling, head-turning looks and a unique presence on the ...

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Conventional Thought

Volvo’s bonneted range hits a new high in North America In the land of devout patriotism and apple pie, the rise in sales of Volvo Trucks throughout the North American market has been an interesting experience for the Swedish truck maker. Unlike any of its European market successes, for North America, Canada and Mexico its presence has been riding on ...

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Bin Empty or Bin Laden? – That is the question

Dave Whyte checks out the new dual-control Volvo FE In recent weeks we have seen a lot of news around the waste industry; in particular, with the release of two new trucks designed specifically for urban refuse collection. Many of us would likely not consider the waste industry as a part of the road transport industry, but when you consider the ...

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