Company Profiles

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Crossing the Tasman – Gradco Pty Ltd

GRADCO maintains its national operation across Australia from its base in Tasmania. Founded back in 1955, three generations of the Diprose family have grown GRADCO from a one-man contracting operation to a highly respected earthmoving company with a large fleet of modern plant and equipment. Included in the fleet today are around 30 highway trucks ranging from 6×4 tippers through ...

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The West Wing – GKR Transport

Preventative maintenance practices are the backbone of efficient fleet management for GKR Transport. There’s nothing easy about running a national fleet when individual trucks are covering up to 410,000 km each year and a return trip can notch up nearly 9,000 km. That’s only part of the daily concerns for Neil Anderson, transport manager for GKR Transport, as he ensures ...

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Providing Solutions – Gough Transport Solutions

When you’re looking for specialist knowledge, Gough Transport Solutions makes a good first point of call Although we may assume these days that we all dwell in a global world, finding the right people to provide a solution to an engineering query is not always available at the touch of a keyboard. The increasing complexity of transport equipment has resulted ...

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Collateral Damage – Wales Truck Repairs

Repairing accident damage demands the highest level of commitment, as PowerTorque discovered in this interview with Wales Truck Repairs. A correlation between truck manufacturers and truck repairers is interesting, as it highlights how members of the truck accident repair industry have to be efficient across the production techniques adopted by the truck makers themselves. “We regularly send our technicians to ...

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It’s all in the name – Crane Trucks Are Us

A change of brand identity led major growth – Words and images by Chris Mullett. One of ex-US President George W. Bush’s notable quotes was that, “The French don’t have a word for entrepreneur”. The Australian vocabulary doesn’t have an alternative version, and, while that word is recognised for its French origins, Aussies are quite content to use it when ...

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