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When it comes to containers Visa Global Logistics has all the necessary smarts As Australia’s largest privately-owned freight forwarding company, Visa Global Logistics is extremely proactive in developing its systems beyond the plug and play level of some companies, employing seven full-time software developers to continue the expansion and ongoing development of its data and control systems. As Scott Walker, ...

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JOST In Time

Dave Whyte examines the West Australian market with Tracey Kay, branch manager of JOST Australia’s Perth branch. When it comes time to spec up a new truck or trailer, there are often many components that are left to the discretion of the manufacturer or dealer. Those that come to mind include fifth wheels, landing legs and dolly couplings, all of ...

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Clean Thoughts – Why is Australia not following best practice and implementing tighter emissions levels?

  If you accept that global warming and climate change is real, why is Australia not following best practice and implementing tighter emissions levels? – Report by Chris Mullett Unless you’ve been working in part of Australia where mobile phones and the internet simply don’t work because of a lack of investment in the infrastructure that enables the technology to ...

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Sustainable fuels are coming to a bowser near you Anything you thought you knew about bio-fuels and whether they applied to your own section of the industry have hopefully been reinforced by Alan Whiting’s feature in this issue (P70-72). Now we add to that information by detailing the continuing expansion of fuel suppliers’ Refuelling Solutions, where the aim is to ...

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Dave Whyte follows the Legend T950 trail The Kenworth brand is definitely a crowd favourite among Australian operators. The iconic and uniquely Australian trucks that have rolled out of the Bayswater plant since 1971 have helped the brand build a reputation for toughness, versatility and durability, and have kept Kenworth at the top of the heavy-duty truck sales charts for ...

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