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Asbestos had begun to be heavily commercialised in the 1800s for the construction industry, and as early as 1897, lung diseases were being linked to asbestos inhalation. However, the material was so popular due to its insulation properties that it wasn’t banned in Australia until 2003. Asbestos is still present in many older buildings and infrastructures today, and its removal ...

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MACKSIMISING POTENTIAL | Company Profile – Baker’s Group

Warren Caves visits Baker’s Group in Sydney with the arrival of new Borcat Trailers hauled by 100th Anniversary Mack Tridents – Photography by Torque it Up When the milestone of being in business for 40 years just so happens to coincide with the centenary celebration of Mack Trucks in Australia, I guess there is nothing left to do but buy ...

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ORGANIC GROWTH | Company Profile

Australian Native Landscapes approaches its 50th anniversary- Words by Warren Caves, Images by Torque it Up Patrick Soars, the founder of highly respected Australian organic-waste processor Australian Native Landscapes (ANL), together with his son Harley, the company’s Asset and Maintenance Manager, stand proudly within the company’s processing facility at Badgerys Creek. Around them are stockpiles of mulched material and taking ...

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MACK TIME | Company Profile – It’s all a question of Super-Liners, Granites and Tridents for the Load Ranger fleet

It’s all a question of Super-Liners, Granites and Tridents for the Load Ranger fleet Born of hard-working Romanian migrants, Load Ranger owner Danny Josef’s formative years were spent in and around all manner of earthmoving equipment. The story goes that he was more than capable of driving a bobcat at the tender age of five, part of an upbringing that ...

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Specialisation and expansion go together for MaxiTRANS with AZMEB and Roadwest for the side tipper market. As one of Australia’s largest suppliers of truck and trailer parts to the transport industry, MaxiTRANS has been growing its portfolio of associated companies in recent years to include the more specialist sectors of the trailer industry such as side tippers. The purchase of ...

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