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Knowing Your Limits – MAKTRANS of Toowoomba | TRUCK REVIEW Freightliner

Toowoomba-based MAKTRANS takes the family approach to business – Words by Chris Mullett, images by Nathan Duff.  When the owner of the company has worked in the business and experienced life on the road firsthand, it leads to a better understanding of the pressures that can apply to drivers and how these concerns can be addressed. MAKTRANS QLD Pty Ltd ...

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Nightingale Transport is justifiably proud of having the skills base to handle over-dimensional and unusual load configurations where others have moved away from the art of roping and sheeting. Some three years ago, in October 2014, PowerTorque visited Glenn Nightingale of Nightingale Transport to profile how the company had been able to grow its business at a time when other ...

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FRONTAL PROTECTION | TRUCK PARTS – Reducing front-end damage with Kentweld Bullbars

We are lucky here in Australia to have our choice of trucks from all around the world, with offerings from Europe, America, Japan, and of course our local manufacturers. While all of these trucks are designed to work well in their home country, there are some difficulties in adapting them to suit the local Australian operating environment. One good example ...

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THE BUILDING BRICKS OF TRANSPORT | TRUCK REVIEW – PowerTorque visits Clifford Brick and Tile of Ballarat

PowerTorque visits Clifford Brick and Tile of Ballarat. When we talk about the transport industry, we tend to generalise and treat it like we are all doing the same job. In essence we are, but within that job are many different niche roles. Quite often it’s those companies that find a niche, and stick to it, that become the greatest ...

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MAKING A DIFFERENCE | TRUCK REVIEW-Foodbanking in Australia celebrates its 25th anniversary

Foodbanking in Australia celebrates its 25th anniversary, aided by a little assistance from the transport industry. Starting in NSW in 1992, and now a National Federation in all States, Foodbank grew to become involved with the provision of food to those in need. Today the organisation has grown to become independently capable of consistently supplying food to charities that in ...

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