Review of Grain Harvest Management Schemes

review of Grain Harvest Management Schemes

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has announced a review of Grain Harvest Management Schemes seeking feedback on existing Grain Harvest Management Schemes (GHMS), as well as exploring the possibility of a national Harvest Mass Management Scheme (HMMS).

It is is hoped this process should lead to a rationalisation of the various schemes which already exist in a number of states, all with different rules and parameters for performance. The aim of the review is to facilitate processes that increase cross border ease of access, in order to boost regional industries, growing regional economies and better connect regions.

The review may, according to the NHVR, recommend developing a set of national standards in relation to GHMS operator accreditation, vehicle conditions, grain receiver processes (including data reporting) and other applicable conditions to ensure consistency for operators and businesses.


review of Grain Harvest Management Schemes


The NHVR have released a downloadable issues paper on the subject, which is an opportunity for operators, drivers, farmers, receivers and regulators to highlight major issues experienced in relation to GHMS and grain transportation.

Consultation closes October 18 2019.

A variation of GHMS already exist in four states: Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. For jurisdictions operating under HVNL (New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria), these allowances vary from 5-10 per cent between states.

South Australia does not currently have a GHMS, but runs a mass loading management concession for both general mass and higher mass limit operations. Under this concession scheme, operators are required to reduce their masses to GML or HML within three attempts per day.

“Each GHMS involves a state-specific mass exemption notice issued by NHVR. These notices usually exempt specified heavy vehicles from stated prescribed mass requirements in Schedule 1 of the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation,” says a release from the NHVR.

“A condition of each of the mass exemption notices is participation in a state GHMS, which can impose further conditions and provide additional administrative obligations for the operation of the GHMS. These state-based schemes vary significantly in their scope, requirements and conditions.”


review of Grain Harvest Management Schemes