Renault announces 5-year/200,000 km LCV warranty for a limited time

Renault continues to improve its offer to buyers of light commercial vehicles, with the addition of a 5-year/200,000 km-factory warranty for a limited time.

The existing 3-year/200,000 km warranty has been boosted to 5 years for all Renault LCVs ordered before 30 April 2013.

This applies to the New Master large van, the popular mid-size Trafic, and the recently revised Kangoo light delivery van, in petrol or turbo-diesel engine options.

The Renault offer already includes $349 Capped Price Servicing for three years across its LCV range, which when combined with the longer warranty gives peace-of-mind and known fixed costs to small and medium business owners.

“We know all business owners are focussed on keeping their bills small and this is why we have introduced Capped Price Servicing for three years,” says Lyndon Healey, LCV Brand Manager for Renault Australia.

“With the extended factory warranty we are saying we are very confident in our product over the term, but also that it gives customers the opportunity to sell their vehicle within the factory warranty period, which gives peace-of-mind to the second owner as well.

“Renault is the leading supplier of LCVs to the European market and has been for 15 consecutive years. That underscores the suitability, quality and reliability of the Renault LCV offer in the minds of all types of business people across the European Union. It is particularly important when, as in Europe at present, the economy is tight and efficiency and cost-control is paramount,” he says.

“Meanwhile in Australia, we are continually working to deliver vehicles that are specified to our market’s requirements. We have just added the longer wheelbase Kangoo Maxi, as well as an entry-level petrol manual transmission short wheelbase model at the lower price point of $20,990 (Manufacturer’s List Price, does not include dealer delivery or other statutory costs).

“We believe our offer is unbeatable and one that will appeal to all LCV customers who desire peace-of-mind, as well as a comfortable drive, of course,” he says.

“Renault has also been building its network of LCV dealers across Australia and as at the start of 2013, we are delighted to now be able to offer 31 authorised services locations for our LCVs,” Lyndon says.
the start of 2013, we are delighted to now be able to offer 31 authorised services locations for our LCVs,”

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