Remembering the Life of Jim Pearson

remembering the life of Jim Pearson

The trucking industry has been remembering the life of Jim Pearson Snr this week after his passing was announced.

His history in the transport industry began almost 70 years ago when he purchased the Caltex Service Station at Marks Point south of Newcastle. In 1955, Jim had started Lake Macquarie Freighters and Macquarie Transport, before moving to Port Macquarie in 1974 and establishing Jim Pearson Transport. 

“The Australian Trucking Association and trucking community are deeply saddened by the loss of Jim, who was an outspoken and outstanding contributor to our industry,” said David Smith, ATA Chair. “A strong safety advocate, Jim was one of the first to introduce satellite tracking across his fleet to manage fatigue and was also involved in the early development of TruckSafe.”

He was always involved in industry advocacy and served as President of the Long Distance Road Transport Association (later to become part of the National Road Transport Association) and is celebrated in the Road Transport Hall of Fame.

“Jim was a person who was committed to keeping people safe. He was willing to be the first to put up his hand when help was needed and was one of the first supporters of the ATA Safety Trailer,” said Denis Robertson, former ATA Chair. “Jim understood the industry’s needs and was a great advocate for industry unity, recognising the need for a single, united voice nationally. 

“Jim’s motivation and influence are still evident today with his son Jim Pearson Jnr, who has taken over the family business and continues to uphold his father’s high standards.”

Jim was recognised for his dedication and commitment to industry with the ATA’s Outstanding Contribution to the Trucking Industry award in 2010. In 2015, Jim Pearson Transport won the TruckSafe John Kelly Memorial Award for its strong safety culture and passion for improving safety outcomes within the business and wider community.

“Jim will be sorely missed. Our sincere condolences go to his wife Marette, his children, grandchildren and friends,” said David Smith.

remembering the life of Jim Pearson