Relaunching with a New Masthead

relaunching with a new masthead

Welcome, I expect some of our readers may have noticed that we are relaunching with a new masthead, PowerTorque, and moving away from the Diesel name, both online and in the print magazine. The aim is to bring together the strengths and visibility of the two brands into one stronger and bolder, new entity.

After the acquisition of the PowerTorque publication by Prime Creative Media, we looked at the two names side by side and felt that the word Diesel is going to become less relevant in the future as the introduction of electric, hydrogen and other alternative fuels start to make inroads into the trucking industry.

However, there is one thing which will not change, as we head off into a lower emission future, if you need to get freight from A to B, you will need both power and torque to get it there, hence PowerTorque.

We may have changed the name, but our core driving principles remain the same, to continue our crusade to keep the trucking industry informed with operator profiles, in depth analysis of the industry issues, straightforward reviews and truck tests

The first magazine, under the new banner, will be the January/February issue of PowerTorque, backed up by a strengthened online presence, as well as the ongoing development of a technical database, overseas news and a strong stance on keeping the trucking industry safe and appreciated.

This will be a fresh start for the former Diesel team, now the new PowerTorque team, at the end of what has been a year full of uncertainty and a lot of bad news. With our rebranding we hope to continue to take a positive outlook and keep the best interests of the trucking industry front of mind.

Perhaps, a positive outlook is what we all need as we leave the unforgettable 2020 behind and drive our trucks, using Power and Torque, of course, out into the more positive environment of 2021.

relaunching with a new masthead