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Reduced Insurance Premiums

Here are a couple of demonstrations of how well the automatic emergency braking systems work on modern trucks. They use radar to identify a potential dangerous object in front of the truck and, after warning the driver, take action to ensure the truck doesn’t hit said object. Diesel has tested these systems and found them to be surprisingly effective, once you get over the feel of the truck as a computer takes over the braking system you normally control.

In the car world, NRMA are now offering discounts on insurance premiums to car owners who have these systems fitted on their cars. The reports suggest a saving of $120 per year on a Subaru Forester and $450 on a Mercedes Benz S Class, not to be sniffed at.

These systems have been available on a number of European truck brands for some time. Not only is there the  Volvo Collision Warning Emergency Brake in the video above, there is also, on the Scania, the, very similar, Advanced Emergency Braking, as seen in the video below.

The other European truck makers also offer something similar. On a Mercedes Benz Actros it’s called the  Active Brake Assist, on an MAN it is the Brake Matic Emergency Brake Assist and on the DAF XF and Iveco Stralis we have the Advanced Emergency Braking System. All function similarly, probably manufactured by just two different suppliers.

If the NRMA can reduce premiums when you invest in safety systems on your car, are the insurance companies supplying insurance on our trucks giving us similar discounts?

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