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Redarc launches new in-vehicle charger

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South Australian electronics specialist, Redarc, has released the BCDC2420 in-vehicle battery charger, designed to charge any coWK-3mmonly used automotive batteries to optimum levels with a 24V charging output.

According to Redarc, the unit’s 24V charging output means the unit is suited to trucking applications such as charging battery banks for tailgate lifters and powered side curtains.

The unit is a 20 amp, three-stage DC-DC battery charger that operates from a vehicle input range of between nine and 32 volts DC. It features the same multi-stage charging algorithm as Redarc’s other similar models with a 24 volt charging output regulated up to 20 amps.

The unit also features a MPPT Solar Regulator, which can be used to charge 24V auxiliary batteries from 12V solar panels by harnessing solar energy when vehicle charging is not available.

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