Redarc and the Australian Made Campaign

Redarc and the Australian Made Campaign

Redarc and the Australian Made Campaign have officially partnered and the company has adopted the iconic Australian Made and Owned Logo.

Off the back of Redarc Electronics’ 40th Anniversary in 2019, this family-owned, South Australian company is starting the year 2020 by continuing their celebration of Australian manufacturing and Australian made products. 

Redarc research, design, develop and manufacture advanced electronic products in SA. They are well renowned for their range of electronic voltage converters, power supplies, DC to DC battery chargers, brake controllers and trailer braking products.

In Redarc’s 40-year history, they have not considered going off-shore, determined that Redarc will continue to excel as a manufacturer in Australia.

“With a growing export portfolio, the time was right to bring more attention to our Australian-made products, because we believe that ‘Australian Made’ is a point of competitive advantage,” said Anthony Kittel, Redarc Managing Director,. “We know that fellow Australians also feel strongly about supporting local industry, and using the Australian Made logo is the easiest way for customers to identify these products.”

Ben Lazzaro, Chief Executive Australian Made Campaign said, “It’s fantastic that Redarc has chosen to celebrate their Australian credentials by carrying the trusted Australian Made logo on its products.

“When a product is known to be made in Australia, there is an immediate connection to higher quality standards,” said Anthony. 

To ensure that quality remains Redarc’s hallmark, their products are built and tested for Australia’s harsh conditions. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing capability coupled with continuous improvement processes, mean that Redarc products benefit from an ever-increasing level of durability.

Growing export business

In export markets, the Australian Made logo makes the ‘Australian connection’ instantly and clearly, providing recognisable third-party accreditation and delivering confidence to consumers.

Redarc is currently taking their domestically proven products to relevant export markets including North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), UK and Europe, New Zealand, the Middle East, South Korea and South Africa.

“Our global reach is expanding through our dedicated export strategies and I am pleased that Redarc products have been shipped to more than 35 countries,” said Anthony. “Australian Made is a strength that we place front and centre in our communications, and the logo is a brilliant tool that reinforces this message visually.”

The Australian Made logo will make its debut on many of Redarc’s popular products including their range of Tow-Pro Electric Trailer Brake Controllers, gauges, BCDC In-vehicle Battery Chargers, Battery Managements Systems such as The Manager series, their recently launched control and distribution system – RedVision, safety products such as the Roll Over Sensor and Battery Master Isolation Switch and many more. 


Redarc and the Australian Made Campaign