Recognition for Truckies

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If there is one thing which has been remarkable about this year , it is that the public of Australia has developed an understanding and recognition of truckies. This video shows one of those truckies getting some recognition, as John Lee, from Shoobridge Transport, receives his Highway Guardian Award in the company’s yard in Murwillumbah in Far Northern New South Wales. 

It is great to see someone, who humbly just does their job, get an award for going above and beyond to do something, which he would regard as being a part of his job. His actions saved the life of another truck driver and his actions were reported here. 

2020 has seen a change in the attitude to the trucking community, when, all of a sudden, the community has woken up to the fact that all of those little luxuries in life, which many people seem to believe are a human right, are actually delivered to us by someone in a truck.

Covid-19 has reset the priorities for many and, hopefully, this means they might appreciate the simple things in life a lot more. Things like fresh meat, vegetables and toilet roll are no longer just a given, when you can’t be 100 per cent certain they will be in plentiful supply next month.

In fact, they will all be in plentiful supply, of that there is no doubt. Why? Because truckies like John, and Frasers Livestock Transport driver Jeff Clegg, who also received the Bandag Highway Guardian Award recently, are out there every day making sure stuff gets from A to B safely.

Let’s hope at the end of this crisis, whenever that may be, that the general public hold on to their admiration and gratitude for our health professionals, who are keeping us alive, and have a little gratitude left over for the thousands in the supply chain who have kept them fed and watered. 

recognition of truckies