Recalls for Western Star and Foton Trucks Australia

Western Star Australia haRecallImages issued a recall notice in relation to its FL605 Gunite automatic slack adjusters on Western Star 4900 and 6900 model vehicles.

The campaign targets 39 vehicles including Western Star 4900 and 6900 trucks manufactured between 15th October 2010 and 9th March 2011 that may have been fitted with a Gunite model Automatic Slack Adjuster manufactured between 15th October 2010 and 31st January 2011.

The slack adjusters may have housings with inadequate structural integrity, which may cause failure under normal operating loads.

If failure of the slack adjuster housing occurs this could result in loss of function of the brake assembly for that wheel. This would cause reduced braking capacity and may lead to loss of control of the vehicle.

Letters are being sent to affected owners.
When you contact your selling dealer, refer to campaign number FL605.

Foton Trucks Australia

Foton Trucks Australia has issued a recall for its Foton Aumark and ISF Motor Vehicles.

It has been found on a very small number of vehicles that the driver’s seatbelt stalk mounting eyelet flange may have been crimped onto the seatbelt stalk cable at the wrong angle.

If this has happened then over an extended period of time, the defective seatbelt stalk may wear prematurely and fail to operate as intended, possibly resulting in injury in the event of an accident.

Customers will receive a letter instructing them to contact their preferred Foton dealer. For any additional information and assistance, please call Foton Customer Assist on the toll free number, 1800 355 321.

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