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While trucking industry workers face many challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to remember that help is available, if you can reach out and help a truckie. 

Whatever your feeling during these challenging times, Dr Grant Blashki says Beyond Blue has developed a special coronavirus support service and 24-hour helpline that will provide the support you need. 

If you think anyone is struggling in the current crisis, then reach out and help a truckie. There is help available and truck driving is one of those professions prone to be associated with mental health problems.

A Linfox-funded study by Monash University showed that Australian truck drivers suffering mental illness are less likely than any other workers to seek appropriate medical help, and that when they do, treatment is delayed.

“This report shows that truck drivers receive the majority of health care more than three months after an injury, but this delay was particularly apparent in mental health cases,” said Dr Ross Iles from the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University. “Prior studies show that drivers are at increased risk of suicide. Combined with our findings, this suggests a need to provide earlier access to mental health care in this group of workers.”

A US study found similar results when data was collected from a random sample of 316 male truck drivers between the ages of 23 and 76 at a large truck stop located in the area around Greensboro in North Carolina, using a self-administered 82-item questionnaire. Surveyed truckers were found to have significant issues affecting their mental health, such as loneliness (27.9 per cent), depression (26.9 per cent), chronic sleep disturbances (20.6 per cent), anxiety (14.5 per cent), and other emotional problems (13 per cent).

For more information, or to have a chat with a mental health professional head to or call 1800 512 348.

If you want to support Beyond Blue, it is possible to show your support through workplace giving and help save lives.

reach out and help a truckie

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