Rational Transport Collaboration in the West

rational transport collaboration in the West

Western Australia’s trucking industry association, the Western Road Federation, and it’s metro logistics initiative is seen to be leading to rational transport collaboration in the West, in the co-ordinating of road transport logistic planning and the future vision for Perth.

This is a massive re-positioning of the WA road transport logistics sector, traditionally seen as the problem, but now is being seen more widely by local government, planners and even academics as a solution leader and connector.

The WRF Metro Logistics Group brings together every segment of road transport industry either company or association involved in supplying, moving or extracting the materials or services required to support the city and wider metropolitan area. 

By uniting the different segments, WRF has assisted in informing urban planners and regulators on the critical role road transport and logistics has in supporting the growth, liveability and economy of the city. This is giving the association’s members more influence when addressing issues of access, curfews, planning issues, congestion and even the impact on our industry when planning new areas.

As a result of its numerous representational activities, WRF identified that multiple different local governments, the state government, even universities and researchers are now all undertaking significant urban logistics and road transport planning, but were unaware of each other’s efforts.


rational transport collaboration in the West


“There is some brilliant work going on but it is being done in isolation, we need to share it so we can all benefit,” said Justin Pereira, leader of WRF Metro Logistics Group. “WRF is therefore now bringing together the various groups with its members to update each other on what their projects and priorities are and how we can work together to create a sustainable, viable and safe logistics plan.”

Architecture, design and planning company, ARUP, has been working working with the City of Perth on transport planning, population pressures, upgrading the Great Northern Highway, and working to create an ambitious transport masterplan. 

Anne Patrone is a New York based senior transport planner for ARUP who is currently working in Perth. Anne will be presenting on global trends in metropolitan logistics at an event on June 6 at Canning City Council Function Room, 1317 Albany Highway, Cannington.

Also on the bill is Siobhan Lancaster, who will present on the Emergence of the Largest Australian Logistics Market Disruptor in a Generation. 

Additional updates will be given by all of the stakeholders in this fields invited along by the metro logistics initiative.

“The key point is that our industry is being respected for its knowledge and contribution and that is a positive thing,” said Justin.


rational transport collaboration in the West