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A second model release has been announced by Cat Trucks for 2014. This time it’s a high roofed sleeper cab based on the shorter CT 630 S model released earlier this year. The Cat CT 630 SC retains the dimensions allowing the prime mover to fit inside the 26 metre 34 pallet B-double envelope, but with a full height sleeper cab.

CT630SC_Grain_560 copy 2

This latest release sees the Navistar owned brand aligning its models to the Australian road rules and coming up with specifications closer to those required by the Australian trucking industry. By moving the cabin forward, when compared to the earlier models, and now developing an Australian designed and built high roof sleeper, a number of boxes have now been ticked, that weren’t in the past.

Cat describe the SC sleeper as a 40 inch mid-rise design. It is claimed to provide 2250 mm of internal width and a 1975 mm of standing room. Internally, the sleeper is fitted with a 711 mm (28 inch) wide fully-sprung mattress. This latest design also includes lockers on either side accessible from both inside and outside, something which has been missing from Cat product up until now.

“It was always part of our product planning that the SC would quickly follow the CT630S in the Cat Trucks model range,” said Kevin Dennis, Managing Director of Navistar Auspac (NC2 has been renamed). “Of course, we already have the factory-fitted integral sleeper cab for shorthaul and regional roles but the SC is the critical addition to our range for linehaul B-doubles, and even B-triples.”

The two models released this year have shown Cat bringing the yellow engined trucks into line with Australian needs. In the past, the truck designs were simply adaptations of the Navistar designs sold in the US as Internationals, now a genuine Australian design focus is likely to better suit Aussie buyers.

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