Radio revival with DAB+ in Hino

110921b8606hr (4)It may be older than bubble gum, quartz watches and penicillin, but radio continues to grow into new areas, according to a recent report from ratings agency AC Nielsen.
Thanks to recent developments in radio technology, radio waves can now carry more data in less bandwidth, moving radio from an era that predated refrigerators, zippers and ballpoint pens to the modern era of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+).
Hino Australia was the first truck manufacturer in the world to include a DAB+ multimedia unit as standard equipment across its range of trucks, meeting demand for the new worldwide digital radio standard.
Digital Audio Broadcasting reaches 1.6 million listeners per week in Australia’s capital cities, or more than 12 per cent of the total audience.
With more than 260 commercial stations, 230 community stations and five ABC national radio stations on offer, it’s little wonder that Australian audiences are finding their stations of choice on DAB+ radio.
All Hino 300, 500 and 700 Series trucks manufactured from September 2011 onward feature the all-new, Australian-designed multimedia unit as factory-fitted standard equipment.
Hino’s multimedia unit includes a large 6.1-inch high-definition touch-screen, DAB+ digital and conventional AM/FM radio receivers, CD and DVD player, USB and SD input, and is Bluetooth-enabled.
In a world-first for an OEM vehicle manufacturer, the system provides access to both AM/FM radio and Australia’s DAB+ digital radio network, providing the highest sound quality with consistent signal in all but the most remote locations.
Hino currently offers free reversing cameras across its popular 300 Series range, which are seamlessly integrated with the 6.1-inch screen to offer unparalleled vision around the truck, increasing driver and pedestrian safety.
Also available for the multimedia unit is a fully integrated, truck-specific satellite navigation system, which can be tailored to suit each individual truck or load, taking into account the truck’s height, weight and dangerous goods classification.
The navigation system then calculates an appropriate route, avoiding low bridges, weight-restricted roads and dangerous goods-restricted areas, directing the driver in one of 17 different languages.
Hino’s multimedia system also benefits from the company’s nation-wide three-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, so drivers can enjoy the latest radio technology for years to come.

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