Quick Thinking Truckie Who Minimises Damage

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Here is some great footage of a quick thinking truckie who minimises damage as his rear trailer goes up in flames. His swift action certainly saved this servo and shows the side of the trucking industry which rarely gets a mention on the general media, especially the free-to-air commercial channels.

Not much good news has come out of the Casula area in South West Sydney in recent times, but this news story of a very close call for the truck driver and the service station has a relatively happy ending.

The trtailer and all of the freight on board are a goner, but there’s a prime mover and lead trailer still intact and on the way to South Australia and a very relieved truck stop owner, who could have been standing and watching his entire business blow up in front of him.

The trucking needs more of this kind of coverage and less of the less of the usual negative connotations around the trucking industry in the usual tabloid TV fare. 

2020 has seen an uptick in the approval rating of truckies as the general public realise how dependent they are on the truck and its freight getting though to restock the local supermarket as well as the bottle-o and Bunnings. Hiowever, we still need a few more ‘quick thinking truckie who minimises damage’ type stories to help the process.

 quick thinking truckie who minimises damage

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