Precision Engineered Control Valve 

precision engineered control valve

The 413080 Grease Control Valve with Z Swivel available from Alemlube is a precision engineered control valve designed & manufactured by Samoa in Spain and performs with genuine high pressure.

Its ergonomic body and trigger are designed to reduce operator hand fatigue facilitating ease of use for extended periods of time.

Manufactured in aluminium with a steel insert, the maximum working pressure of 7,150psi (500bar) ensures efficient grease delivery during a long service life. Partially depress the trigger for a shot of grease and fully depress the trigger for a continuous flow. 

Supplied standard with rigid outlet and 3 jaw coupler, the 413080 Grease Control Valve with Z Swivel available from Alemlube is a valuable and reliable tool for all your high pressure greasing applications.

Struggling with your grease gun coupler when greasing your equipment?

With the Alemlube 14512 Quick Release Grease Gun Coupler, struggle no more.

The Alemlube 14512 is a game changing patented lock-on grease gun coupler with a lever action and sliding sleeve that securely locks the coupler onto a grease nipple creating a leak proof seal.

precision engineered control valve


Hands-free greasing is now a reality!

The 14512 quick release grease gun coupler is locked onto a grease nipple simply

by depressing the trigger, attaching and releasing the trigger for a tight fit.

No hands are needed to align the coupler or keep it on the nipple.

Leak proof greasing – even at extreme angles

Once the 14512 is attached, greasing can be performed at pressures of up to 10,000psi (690bar) – and can be forced to extreme angles on the grease nipple without leaking.

Activate the trigger to disengage – easy release

Simply pressing the trigger releases the coupler from the grease nipple.

14512 Features & Benefits

  • Works with all grease gun types – pneumatic, manual and battery
  • 1/8” BSP (f) thread
  • Maximum working pressure of 10,000psi (690 bar)
  • Fits all metric and SAE specification grease nipples
  • 4 hardened spring steel jaws resilient under high pressure
  • Durable nitrile rubber seal for longevity under high pressure
  • Sliding sleeve locks the quick release coupler onto the nipple
  • Suitable for high pressure, heavy duty greasing applications
  • No need to hold while greasing
  • Lock-on and free up both hands to operate your grease gun
  • Easy clip-off, regardless of pressure build up in the line
  • 90mm in length
  • Weighs only 100g
  • Also suitable for underground coal mine applications

precision engineered control valve