PrixCar has been operating as one of Australia’s leading automotive services companies for over a quarter of a century, servicing individuals, businesses and their events in need of vehicle transportation.

The introduction of new prime movers, trucks and trailing equipment, all incorporating new technologies, prompted Goran Koviloski, the National Fleet Manager for PrixCar, to introduce additional driver training, conducted internally by the car-carrying company, in preparation for the arrival of over 120 new trailers.

To aid PrixCar’s improved driver training, Mack Trucks Australia Area Fleet Manager, Frank Dumay was able to alter the configuration of a new Mack Granite to replace the regular sleeper with two additional seats for drivers to be trained.

According to Goran, this modification has allowed PrixCar to train up to three drivers at once in real-life situations.

“Every new driver, including sub-contractors, are required to undergo the lengthy training which encompasses classroom type activities, followed by a couple of weeks of on-the-job training, putting that training into practice.

” Driving safely, courteously and being environmentally aware is paramount in helping to keep our roads safe as well as reducing our emissions wherever possible,” continued Goran. “Furthermore, PrixCar has rolled out the training across Australia with all drivers nationally undergoing the training, which also serves as a tool when re-evaluating and verifying a driver’s competence, which is conducted every year,” he added.

Mack Trucks Australia Vice President, Dean Bestwick has championed the work PrixCar does with its driver training, and has pledged Mack’s continued support.

“The driver shortage in the transport industry at the moment is no secret, so it is great to see that companies like PrixCar are dedicated to improving the number and quality of drivers,” said Dean.

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