JOHN KAY – 66 years behind the wheel


Powertorque Magazine had the absolute pleasure of sharing a yarn with John Kay after he’d just finished loading up for a Friday night run to Cooma.
John started driving at age 17, by chance he was working at the local General sore in Moruya when the bloke who was delivering their goods offered him.a job going out on his own.

So an Austin loadstar was purchased and the rest they say is history, a 66 year career in the transport industry, a career which is still unfolding today, although John said ” it’s nearly time to give it away”

John will be turning 83 in a couple of months time.

John spent 33 years carrying logs around the south east forest area of N.S.W and after retiring 12 years ago and spending 3 years driving around Australia with the caravan, upon his return his Son Kerin Kay asked him to do ” Some Casual” work for him, and he’s still at it today.

It’s a different world today said John, ” back in the early days you could pull up to sleep on the side of the road anywhere and hang your legs out the left side door no problem, today they’d steal your boots”

Hats off to John on a long and distinguished transport career..

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