Powering the Truck of the Year Australasia

powering the Truck of the Year Australasia

One of the important selling points of the ToYA winner, the Kenworth K220, is its powertrain and two major components in this vital aspect of the truck come from the Cummins stable, the engine and the drive axles, powering the Truck of the Year Australasia.

In the last ten years the Kenworth and Cummins brands have become almost synonymous. Most Kenworth trucks coming down the line at the Bayswater plant will have the distinctive red engine under the bonnet.

powering the Truck of the Year Australasia

Engine choices

In the Kenworth K220, the red engine comes in two variants, the X15 Performance Series and the X15 Efficiency Series, with one offering flexibility and other improved fuel efficiency.

The Cummins X15 Performance Series is designed for flexibility and the ability to work effectively with both manual and automated transmissions. It is suitable for, vocational, heavy-haul and line-haul applications.

Ratings on offer go from 525hp to 625 hp and there’s 2050 lb-ft of torque available at 1000RPM, this gives the truck excellent application flexibility. Working at high masses and in difficult tasks this engine has the durability and reliability that provides peace of mind for truck operators.

The other option, the Efficiency Series is for the operator keeping their eye on the bottom line. This is an engine designed to achieve real fuel economy results. The engine system design has been optimised to work with an AMT and the Euro 6 version offers improved fuel consumption over its Euro 5 predecessor.

powering the Truck of the Year Australasia

In achieving this efficiency, power ratings between 550hp and 580hp are available. Couple this with the fact that the engine achieves maximum torque at 900RPM and you achieve the driveability operators are looking for.

Both of the engines feature an EGR-free design to meet Euro 6 emissions, with the compact and lightweight Single Module aftertreatment system with increased ash capacity to improve DPF maintenance intervals. The engines utilise the XPI fuel system, where high fuel pressure enables multiple injection events per cycle for fuel economy and quieter operation.

When the engines are coupled with an AMT, the ADEPT suite of advanced electronic engine -control features interact closely with the connected systems on the AMT to enhance fuel efficiency by up to six per cent. The integration of engine and transmission on the Efficiency Series includes CA (Hill Climb Assist), detecting when the vehicle is on a grade and adapting transmission shifting strategy and, in some cases, access to increased engine power.


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