Powerdown Launches Enveero

Powerdown launches Enveero

Australia’s first biodegradable, plant based, environmentally conscious, ultra-high performance shock absorber fluid is now available, as Powerdown launches Enveero.

The transport industry has historically been portrayed as a large contributor to global pollution; and with modern companies becoming increasingly aware of their environmental footprint, they are proactively taking charge in changing this image, and searching for ways to minimise their impact on the planet.

Powerdown, in their mission to be a socially responsible brand, believes that they are the solution for transport fleets to make their way to a greener, more sustainable future, by way of their new and exclusive shock absorber fluid, Enveero, that is an Australian first in its field; providing an environmentally conscious solution without the need for compromising on product performance.

Enveero is a synthesised, ultra-high performance, environmentally friendly shock absorber fluid designed and developed by Powerdown to withstand Australian conditions. With a very high viscosity index, of 210, Enveero, has excellent heat conductivity, delivering optimal damper performance in hot and cold conditions. A high flash point, exceeding 185°C (higher than that of traditional shock absorber oils), with anti-foaming properties, reduces fade or loss of damping, thus maintaining vehicle control even on the warmest summer days on Australia’s harshest roads, increasing safety and minimising damper related tyre wear.

Enveero has excellent shear stability; it has a higher resistance to changing viscosity when the oil is under mechanical stress; this is due to the longer synthesised hydrocarbon molecules which forms a strong chain. This leads to less mechanical wear on the damper valving components, giving them a longer life span.

Over a seven-month on-road trial, with the support of Hills Tankers, twelve Powerdown test shock absorbers, with Enveero inside, were fitted to a Kenworth T409 (6×4) from the Hills fleet; whilst another of their tankers, running Original Equipment shocks, was used as the control subject for the trial. The test vehicle covered a total of 177,170km, through Australia’s hottest summer on record to date. The test shocks were inspected weekly for misting or signs of leaking; and once the trial concluded the shock absorbers were removed and tested on Powerdown’s dyno to compare the original test results for variation in performance.

Powerdown ensured that Enveero performed to their rigorous standards by carrying out a thermo-study at the Powerdown test facilities, on a number of dynamometers and data gathering Test Machinery, to expose Enveero to the most conceivable parameters of stress and enduring resistance factors, including any physical break down of the fluid composition that may have revealed themselves when subjected to the ‘torture tests’ considered compulsory by Powerdown. 

Independent external lab testing was also performed, and the findings concurred with those of Powerdown; also confirming that the Enveero fluid has a superior flash point and low oxidation levels, when compared to synthetic oils commonly used in most commercially available shock absorbers.

Powerdown launches Enveero

Moving towards a renewable and sustainable future.

Powerdown, in collaboration with a local oil and lubrication specialist company, developed Enveero from sustainable plant oil; making it a renewable, plant-based resource with a distinctly low carbon footprint and a renewable, non-crude based content greater than 85 per cent.

The ingredients in Enveero are highly biodegradable; measured by its ability to decompose by naturally occurring bacteria or other living organisms in the environment; the quicker it decomposes, the lower the environmental impact resulting in less pollution. Testing has shown that Enveero reaches biodegradation greater than 60 per cent in 28 days.

Enveero is also completely recyclable and can be recycled in combination with waste mineral oils as well; making Enveero an option in closed loop recycling as it can be reused or repurposed. Currently, approximately 90 per cent of all oils used in Australia are imported with only 10 per cent being made from recycled oils.

Powerdown’s Supershock with Enveero inside is the perfect fit for environmentally conscious companies and fleets, who refuse to compromise on performance and reliability. Enveero will be launched at the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show, the first event of this kind since Filpro Automotive’s acquisition of Powerdown in February 2020, where the sales team will be ready to take pre-orders and help fleets move to a greener future.

Powerdown launches Enveero

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