Politically Incorrect Trucking?

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Would many people in the road transport game regard this video as an example of politically incorrect trucking? The answer is probably yes and there may well be good reasons for taking this position. On the other hand, this is the way many of the people working in the industry today will have had their first experience with a truck.

The situation is a good one. We have a proud dad who clearly loves the trucking game, who wants to pass on this passion to his son who is just old enough to reach the pedals. This is not someone being irresponsible, who is playing fast and loose with the safety of a young boy. This is a young man getting some real. fun hands-on experience of life in the trucking industry and helping out his old dad.

There are many in the trucking industry who would strongly disapprove of this video and this father’s actions. They do have a point, the trucking industry does need to project an image of a mature, responsible and professional industry. There are no children allowed in truck cabs in vast areas of the road transport game.

This a livestock truck, out in the country working in a remote area and loading cattle in an environment in which the father and son team can work safely and act responsibly. The young lad has probably been introduced slowly to aspects of hauling cattle as he has grown older and more capable.

Clearly, his legs are now long enough for him to reach the pedals and handle the shifts on the Roadranger. What a great experience for the young boy, who has his father alongside to make sure all is well.

It is very difficult to take a position on issues like these. Is it politically incorrect to have children helping out in potentially dangerous working situations? Or is it great to see a passion for trucking being engendered in a kid who will probably love spending his life behind the wheel of a big banger throughout his working life?


politically incorrect trucking?