POLES APART | TRAILERTORQUE – German trailer manufacturer Langendorf and its Polish parent company Wielton S.A. join forces for the first time at IAA Hanover

German trailer manufacturer Langendorf and its Polish parent company Wielton S.A. join forces for the first time at IAA Hanover

The European vehicle and trailer manufacturing business has such a rich wealth of history that researching the background of specific companies can be just as interesting as delving into its latest developments.

Founded in 1889, the Langendorf company is based in Waltrop, in the eastern Ruhr region of Germany, where its 290 workers produce more than 1000 vehicles a year.

The product range encompasses inloaders for transporting finished elements made of concrete, brick or wood, as well as for flat glass.  Further options in the product range include steel or aluminium tipping trailers, rigid tipper bodies and low-loader semi-trailers, together with the marketing of curtain-sider trailers, container chassis and volume combinations.

Waltrop remains the design and manufacturing centre for Langendorf, as well as catering for all maintenance and repair work, marketing and rental operations. The company became part of the Wielton Group, based in Poland, in May 2017.

Dr Klaus Strautmann, managing director of Langendorf, said the theme of this year’s IAA appearance was the intensive collaboration with its parent company group, in tandem with the redesign of its range “New constructions in many models are examples of the technological transfer between the two companies and the innovation power of the Langendorf brand,” he said.

The in-line loader, known as the Flatliner, has the advantage of not requiring a crane or lift truck for loading or unloading, as all cargo is palletised.

Intended for use behind two- or three-axle prime movers, tare weight can be reduced to approximately 9500 kg. due to the technically advanced individual wheel suspension, with the central loading shaft having a length of 9500 mm and a width of 1550 mm. This makes it possible to transport loads more than 9.0 m long and up to 3.7 m high in the loading shaft.

The Flatliner can be coupled to any prime mover and the hydraulics for the lifting arm are operated by the electric engine mounted on the trailer. The same engine also operates the fixing devices hydraulically. These can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, so they can be flexibly adapted to the most varied loads and can be displaced in longitudinal direction on angled rails. It’s now possible to telescope the fixing arms, making this operation possible from the ground with maximum operator safety.

Up to five flat pallets can be taken when running unladen, with the driver taking in the pallet and securing it with the bracing device. This means that the full loading process, including load securing, can be completed in less than 10 minutes. The flat pallets can be manufactured in various forms to cater for differing loads.

Each single-wheel swing-axle suspension is hydraulically operated for raising and lowering. To minimise tyre wear and reduce fuel consumption, both the first and third axle rows can be lifted when travelling unladen. The matching compensation of the axles among one another also takes place hydraulically and is cushioned by integrated hydro-pneumatic accumulators, allowing a complete stroke distance of 430 mm.

An on-board electro-hydraulic pump assembly supplies the two or three hydraulic load restraint devices on each side of the trailer, together with the hydraulically locked tailgate. Built-in batteries allow operation independently from the prime mover.

Langendorf’s insulated ISOXX steel half-halfpipe tipper is designed for heavy load applications, and is not limited to simply asphalt transportation. With a tare weight of about 6200kg, the unit on display (without an integral chute) had a volume of 24.3 m³ and comes equipped with BPW disc-braked axles. The body is insulated according to DIN 70001, with a 50 mm thick insulation between the inner and outer wall ensuring outstanding insulation values.

New for Langendorf at the IAA was the large-volume aluminum tipper from the new SMART-line model series. This tipper is optimally matched to the needs of the agriculture and forestry sector. The high volume of approximately 62 m³ and the low lateral loading height of only 3600 mm allows problem-free loading with harvesters and wheel loaders.

Also from the same SMART-line model range was a large-volume steel tipper for use in the metal waste and scrap industries. This model offers a volume of more than 51 m³ with a tare weight of only about 8000 kg. The chassis is made of high-strength, fine-grain steel and has high payload reserves.

The SKA-type vehicle with aluminum box body on display has been optimised for the transport of light bulk goods. The aluminum used by Langendorf has a Brinell hardness of HB110 and is therefore about 50 percent harder than the material usually used in vehicle construction. The high load capacity and long life of the semi-trailers is ensured by the short frame spacings in the floor construction.

Other display models at the IAA included the latest Langendorf  curtain-sider design, a conically-shaped steel half-shell tipper, a container chassis, and a high-volume combination.

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