Plan to enjoy this summer by staying safe on our roads

The National Transport Commission (NTC) is calling on all Australians to abolish the road toll this festive season by using our roads responsibly.
NTC Chief Executive Nick Dimopoulos said death and injury on the roads should not be accepted during the Christmas and New Year break.
“Governments are investing in upgrading roads and manufacturers are producing safer vehicles. Drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists also need to play their part in
avoiding tragedy on our roads”.
In an average week, 26 people are killed and over 600 are seriously injured across Australia. Mr Dimopoulos said none of these deaths and injuries are unavoidable.
“While Christmas is an occasion to celebrate and spend time with loved ones, it can sadly be ruined by speed, fatigue and drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
“It is simply not worth taking the chance by using the roads under these conditions,” said Mr Dimopoulos.
Here are some tips for keeping safe on Australian roads this Christmas:

  • Plan not to drive and arrange an alternative method of getting home if you intend to have a drink or two at a festive event.
  • Check your vehicle is in good condition.
  • Plan ahead- take regular rest breaks during extended car trips to avoid fatigue.
  • Follow the speed limit, always wear a seat belt and don’t use mobile devices while driving.
  • When passing heavy vehicles or caravans in a car, ensure you can see enough of the road to pass safely and do so quickly but sensibly.
  • If towing a caravan, conduct a thorough routine check before starting your trip. Ensure power, water and waste services are disconnected, gas bottles turned off and windows and cupboards are fastened.
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