Pioneer of Digital Camera ‘Mirror’ Systems

pioneer of digital camera ‘mirror’ systems

In the US, where rear-facing cameras located high on each side of the cab display images on tall monitors located in the cab on the A pillars, Stoneridge is a pioneer of digital camera ‘mirror’ systems for heavy trucks, PowerTorque’s US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, reports.

Laurent Borne has been named winner of the Automotive Hall of Fame Industry Influencers Award for his participation in launching the MirrorEye, an innovative rear vision system that can replace conventional glass mirrors on the exterior of a big truck.

MirrorEye is the first camera monitor system to receive a federal exemption from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), allowing MirrorEye-equipped trucks to operate on the road with an integrated system of cameras and digital displays as an alternative to conventional mirrors. An important feature of this exemption is the option for fleets to run without conventional mirrors to gauge the full benefits of mirrorless systems and experience and realise the fuel savings possible when external mirrors are removed.

pioneer of digital camera ‘mirror’ systems

And fleet experience by some of North America’s leading fleets that are driven by safety show MirrorEye makes the roads safer through driver vision enhancement. The system significantly improves safety by reducing blind spots, making the driver more aware of dangers around the vehicle, and provides enhanced s where it is difficult to see with traditional mirrors.

The design and operation of the systems enhances operating efficiency through improved manoeuvrability and economy. Equipped with self-cleaning and defrosting functions, the system eliminates issues related to rain, dirt and ice. An advanced image rendering system also blocks sunlight reflections, and infrared-enhanced colour night vision improves the range of low-light performance.

I have driven trucks equipped with mirrorless vision systems and can say that after a relatively brief familiarisation I can understand why drivers in the test fleets are highly reluctant to give up these systems. The familiarisation has less to do with the images on the monitors. When driving a heavy truck, the tendency is to continually peek at the external mirrors to assess changing situations as drivers go down the road. But when you go to look in the mirror, there’s nothing there and you have to redirect your attention to the monitors in the truck with you.

And that is a safety-plus feature as there’s no blind spot from the mirror housings of conventional mirrors, however well they are designed. Also, since there’s no glass to obscure them, the images in the monitors during inclement weather, especially rain, are beautifully sharp and unobscured.

Another big plus is that the cameras automatically track the rear of the trailer making sharp corners easy to track and avoid curbing or side-swiping other vehicles.

Infra-red technology produces daylight-quality images at night, too.

The Industry Influencers Award reflects the Automotive Hall of Fame’s commitment to the future of the motor vehicle industry and honours individuals who are influencing and leading through their actions, innovation and visible positions on issues surrounding the automotive industry and its future, notes the press announcement for the award.

pioneer of digital camera ‘mirror’ systems

Borne joined Stoneridge in 2018 as chief technology officer and was appointed president of the Electronics Division in January 2019. According to the announcement, he has transformed Stoneridge’s strategic direction, product portfolio and engineering organisation to develop systems-based solutions and platforms that make commercial vehicles safer and more efficient. Borne led the launch and subsequent roll-out of the MirrorEye systems in North and South America and In Europe.

Borne was selected as one of six winners by a panel of judges and will join a lifelong community of esteemed Automotive Hall of Fame members. Award winners were recognised during an induction ceremony on July 22, 2021.

“I joined Stoneridge during a pivotal growth period,” said Borne. “Our renewed focus on data-driven solutions is advancing vehicle electronics that improve safety, efficiency, emissions control and intelligence. Thank you to the Stoneridge leadership team and Electronics Division who also deserve recognition for their part in driving this innovation. As a team, we will continue to develop vehicle solutions that benefit the industry and society, as well as poise Stoneridge for the future.”

pioneer of digital camera ‘mirror’ systems