Pete 379 owner driver Nathan


Powertorque Magazine, spotted this very impressive Peterbilt travelling south on the Hume Highway today and followed it…. OK, “Stalked it” to Marulan BP.
The owner driver Nathan was only too happy to chat, telling us, he has had the “Pete”for 6 months. It’s a 2006 379 model running a Cummins Signature @ 600 HP. It has a Heritage bonnet and lights and a MASSIVE 70 inch Motel room to make things comfy for
Nathan’s fortnightly Tassie to Brisbane run for Tasmanian Furniture Transport.
Nathan said it didn’t look like this when he purchased it off a guy in Sydney who had been using it to transport bitumen. He has put a lot of work into it to get it looking this good..

Great Job Nathan…. PT.

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