Penrith council approves HML access

Allowing access for higher productivity vehicles to the Erskine Park industrial precinct is reportedly helping to attract some of the nation’s leading manufacturing, retailing and logistics companies to the Penrith area in western Sydney.

Penrith City Council recently advised Transport Certification Australia (TCA) that a total of 12 routes within its jurisdiction have been approved for Higher Mass Limits (HML) access under the Intelligent Access Program (IAP).

Significantly, the council has stressed that it would not have opened up access to HML vehicles without the route compliance assurance provided by IAP.

“The IAP provides the council with a level of compliance assurance that means we are confident transport operators enrolled in the IAP will comply with conditions to access approved routes,” said Hans Meijer, city works manager at Penrith City Council. “As a result, we have approved requests for HML access on a total of 12 routes.

“Payload increases in the order of 10 to 13 percent are possible with HML vehicles,” Meijer added. “This provides significant reductions in fuel consumption, environmental emissions and the number of truck trips for a given freight task. These benefits can only be realised because the IAP provides the council with a sufficient level of compliance assurance consistent with its responsibilities as a road asset manager.”

According to Chris Koniditsiotis, chief executive of TCA, “IAP provides the assurance to manage infrastructure risks and urban amenity issues by using global navigational satellite system (GNSS) technology to ensure the right truck is on the right road, and at the same time provides enhanced access and hence improved productivity to the transport industry.

“With its initiative in this area, Penrith City Council provides a fine example of how innovative and progressive local governments can take advantage of national reforms to promote industry and employment in their area. This demonstrates how positive outcomes can be achieved by local governments, state road agencies and industry working together towards a common goal.

“The Council’s understanding of the competitive advantages that IAP and HML can unlock is generating tangible benefits to the local community as well as the broader supply chain. The success of Penrith City Council’s approach speaks for itself with many major companies operating out of the Erskine Park Employment Area.”

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