Payload, Drivability, Towing Capacity, Manoeuvrability, Efficiency and Reliability

payload, drivability, towing capacity, manoeuvrability, efficiency and reliability

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease and a semblance of normality returns, the road to economic recovery lays before us all, with many businesses continuing to look for capital equipment that brings with it operational efficiency and genuine bang for buck, with payload, drivability, towing capacity, manoeuvrability, efficiency and reliability topping the list.

This operational value is not always obvious though. There’s merit in taking a step back to value a piece of equipment as a whole, rather than as a series of upgrades here or a value-add there.

Truck procurement deliberations for most operators are fairly common. Payload, drivability, towing capacity, manoeuvrability, efficiency and reliability topping the list.

It is therefore vital to understand the product or package in its entirety, from the type of chassis construction, the cab type, and how it all interacts with the driveline technology, all premised on the application and demands at hand.

Understanding what combination of strengths and features an application demands is therefore key.

The challenge: payload, access, efficiency, comfort.

In recent times there’s been increasing demand for a light-duty, compact, cab-chassis truck with improved payload capacity. The driving force being a market demand for the ‘sweet spot’ between urban manoeuvrability and payload capacity. The loudest chorus stemming from the trade, construction and excavation sectors.

With a long history of meeting these specific needs, Isuzu Trucks have recently released the narrow cabin NMR 60/45-150, which comes armed with an additional 500 kg payload on its nearest light-duty cousin, the Isuzu NLR 55-150.

With more compact dimensions, the NMR shows versatility and flexibility for operators navigating congested city streets, tight loading bays and laneways. Operators can expect increased payload and operational efficiency coupled with the access and manoeuvrability of smaller, light-duty solutions.

Isuzu’s narrow cabin design delivers again on the NMR format, offering thoughtful ergonomics, excellent frontal and sideways driver visibility, and a comprehensive safety suite (including driver and passenger side airbags, ECE-R29 compliant cab, ABS, Isuzu electronic stability control (IESC) and anti-skid regulator).

The NMR sports another key feature for all truck buyers, that being driver comfort. The specification of Independent Front Suspension (IFS) on the NMR 60/45-150 therefore stands out.

Isuzu’s IFS dramatically increases stabilisation under load, ensuring the ride is predictable and assured, especially through cornering and over undulating ground.

Driver fatigue, road shock and body-roll are all proven to be significantly reduced with the addition of IFS, a trait often sought-after by ute drivers looking at an upgrade.

payload, drivability, towing capacity, manoeuvrability, efficiency and reliability

Sweet spot: Isuzu NMR 60/45-150 narrow cab

The NMR model is available in two GVM ratings, 4,500kg and 6,000kg. The model’s versatility is showcased in its car licence 4,500kg GVM variant, enabling businesses to utilise a range of driving abilities.

Powered by Isuzu’s 4JJ1-TCS, rated at 110kW @ 2,800 RPM and 375 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,800 RPM, the NMR offers a combination of performance and economy.

Another piece of the bigger puzzle is the torque convertor automated manual transmission (TC-AMT). Isuzu’s truck-bred unit has been specifically designed and calibrated to deal with increased truck payloads, translating to durability and parts longevity.

But it’s the ‘behind the scenes’ benefits of TC-AMT technology that create the real efficiencies. Think reduced wear and tear from driver mismanagement and the increased fuel savings the manual format provides.

With the coming together of core but often overlooked features and components, Isuzu’s NMR is an apt example of a fit-for-purpose foundation to tackle a raft of Australian vocations, applications and terrain. 

payload, drivability, towing capacity, manoeuvrability, efficiency and reliability

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