Passionate People Produce

passionate people produce

The crowning of Kenworth K220 as the Truck of the Year Australasia is a testament to the excellence of Paccar and the broad network of suppliers and their collective relentless pursuit of innovation, proof that passionate people produce. 

One component that plays a very prominent role to the driver of the K220 is the groundbreaking multimedia unit and its array of accessories, accompanied by its Paccar Connect telematics module, both a product of the Australian company Directed Technologies, engineered specifically to cater to the needs of Australian truck drivers braving both chaotic urban congestion and harsh outback roads.

Australia is a land of vast distances, boasting over 900,000 kilometres of roads. Astonishingly, nearly half of these are unpaved, creating a unique set of challenges for the K220 and drivers who must traverse this rugged terrain. Understanding these drivers’ needs and the extreme environmental considerations of the vehicle’s service life such as heat and vibration; was a primary driver of the creative engineering journey the team at Directed Technologies undertook.

Brent Stafford Executive Director of Directed Technologies commented, “Our passionate team embarked on an extensive research and development project in close collaboration with the Paccar engineering team to produce this market leading product. The product marked a step change in performance and innovation when it comes to creating an in-dash experience for drivers.”

passionate people produce
Trent Stafford (L) and Damien Jaffe Key Account Director (R) from Directed Technologies


This process considered the developmental drivers to create a system resilient enough to withstand these extreme conditions, while ensuring that the technology remained intuitive and user-friendly. This was also done in the challenging COVID period and during global silicon chip shortages. The all-Australian team which has won several innovation awards found innovative solutions that allowed them to produce the telematics system and associated cloud analytics services for Paccar Connect, right here in Australia. The triumph was as much a demonstration of the team’s tenacity and resilience as it was of Australian industry technological prowess.

As Directed joins its Paccar colleagues to celebrate this significant Truck of the Year Award for the Kenworth K220 they also express immense gratitude to the Paccar team for their faith in their abilities and their continued support throughout this journey.

A sneak peek can be taken inside Directed Technologies following the recent opening of their $15M Connected Mobility Innovation Centre.

Behind every line of their code, every circuit board, there is a person who designed it, manufactured it, tested it, maintains it and another out on the road, who will rely on the technology to make their daily journey drive, easier, and more productive for year to come.

“The team is very humbled by this opportunity to contribute to this Award Winning vehicle, each one of which will be continuing their journeys for decades to come, delivering food, fuel, and transporting plethora of goods across this vast land. We are excited to continue our own journey of innovation with Paccar” said Brent.

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