PACCAR marks 30 years of TRP

PACCAR marks 30 years of TRP

This year is cause for celebration for PACCAR, as PACCAR marks 30 years of TRP and celebrates one of its major brands turning 30.

2024 marks the 30th anniversary since the introduction of heavy vehicle manufacturer PACCAR’s global aftermarket brand, TRP, in The Netherlands.

In those three decades, it has expanded to other markets worldwide, including its launch in Australia in May, 2013.

TRP’s 30th anniversary is a global celebration of the brand’s expansive range of all-makes products for customers operating any make of truck or trailer.

This milestone recognises the past, present and future evolution of the TRP brand as a regular and reliable customer choice.

It celebrates the ever-expanding product portfolio and growth of the TRP retail parts and service network, currently standing at 319 world-wide, with 17 stores located Australia and New Zealand.

Thirty years ago, the brand’s acronym stood for Truck Related Parts; however, the offering has grown to include trailer parts, load restraints, cleaning products and other accessories.

PACCAR’s attention to releasing products backed by a minimum 12-month warranty led to the brand to adopt its current tagline: “Trusted. Reliable. Proven.”

General Manager of PACCAR Parts Australia Mark Santschi oversees the aftermarket division of PACCAR that sources and distributes TRP products, and has international experience with the brand, overseeing the sales and marketing of TRP products across North and South America, and now in Australia.

He harbours a strong passion for the brand after being a part of PACCAR for 17 years.

“TRP is a great example of how PACCAR develops a global strategy that can be tailored to local markets,” Mark says.

“Over the years, we’ve leveraged our international expertise and refined our process to develop, test and support products with trusted partners.

“We’ve developed a unified focus on quality and value that has helped the brand meet the needs of our customers in a variety of markets, and that is certainly true here in Australia.”

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TRP’s customer centric approach is mirrored in the brands product offering, reflected by Niels Holm, Product Manager for TRP Parts Australia.

“The TRP product range has expanded considerably since being introduced here in Australia,” Niels says.

“Most notably is the TRP range of brake drums and brake shoes which have stood the test of time, selling in the thousands each year.

“As the brand has become more established, so has the range of TRP products with truck cleaning products, torque rod bushes and batteries now becoming staple purchases by workshops and owner drivers alike.

“PACCAR takes pride in offering a range of quality TRP products to our customers.

“All products go through a rigorous selection and testing process before they are released to the market, ensuring they are fit for purpose and made to survive Australia’s tough conditions.”

Vincent Offenbaker is Parts Manager of TRP Bibra Lake, which won the 2023 TRP Global Store of the Year Award.

He puts TRP’s success down to its strategies when it comes to working with customers.

“Our strategy is to look after the customer,” Vincent says.

“TRP products have a no-fuss warranty so if a part fails, the customer can bring it back and we’ll swap it over no questions asked.

“If that’s not looking after the customer, I don’t know what is”.

Parts Manager for TRP stores in Geelong, Somerton and Ballarat Peter Mammarella believes much of the same.

He says the options available for TRP products put greater choice into the hands of their customers.

“TRP products give our customers choice,” Peter says.

“It allows them to use a high-quality part whilst ticking the box on cost savings, as everybody is trying to do in the current economic climate.”


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