Outback Truckers hits the small screen

cross border craziness continues

With the first airing set for 6.30 pm on Saturday, October 20, the Outback Truckers television series aims to put viewers in the cab in real-world conditions with some of the men and women who navigate roadtrains over this wide, brown land.

Cat Trucks was approached last year by Prospero Productions, a West Australian film production company, with the concept of delivering a reality TV show highlighting the importance of the trucking industry and life on the road for drivers and operators.

“When initially approached we liked the concept, and with the support of our dealers, Cat Trucks agreed to support Prospero Productions to help this project come to fruition,” Bill Fulton, managing director of Cat Trucks said. “The program is raw reality; it shows these professional truck drivers in their genuine work environment operating in challenging conditions to deliver the goods for their customers. There is no glitz, no glamour, just the real challenges faced day in and day out with truck drivers all over Australia.”

Beating fires, storms, floods and tough road conditions, these professional truck drivers battle through physical and mental challenges and traverse some of the toughest terrain around Australia.

Everything Australia needs to thrive and survive is delivered in one form or another by a truck. If trucks stop, the nation stops.

The first of five weekly episodes of Outback Truckers will premiere on 7Mate this coming Saturday, October 20, at 6.30 pm.

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