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Outback Truckers have come back

For good or ill, the new season of Outback Truckers starts next month. The first series caused a lot of angst in the industry and the second series is not likely to do any better. Those involved in the show didn’t show the industry in a good light and some organisations connected with the production pulled out as it went to air because of some less than responsible behaviour by drivers.

The preview of the new show tells us we can expect more of the same. The sensationalist side of TV is what sells and the first series has been sold in Europe and North America. Prepare for more cringeworthy moments as well meaning truckers talk to camera and reinforce the negative stereotypes many people put on us all in the trucking industry.

What have we got to fear? This is what the trucking industry is like and we will have to learn to live with it. There is no point in sitting on the sidelines whinging about the negative side of the story. It is our job to get the positives out there in a professional way to allow the vast majority of the trucking industry to show their reality to the outside world.

Anecdotally, the reaction by many of the general public has not been about the occasional incidents which worry trucking representatives. The main takeaway seems to be just how tough life is on the road, surprise at the conditions they have to face and appreciation of the truckies out there doing the job.

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