Optalert goes portable

Alertness monitoring technology company Optalert launched its new Portable system, featuring rugged military spec, at the recent Bunbury (WA) Port Authority open day.

The product represents the culmination of more than 15 years of research into the physiology of drowsiness by Optalert founder and chief scientist, Dr Murray Johns, with the system enabling a next generation approach to the very human problem of fatigue control.

It works via tiny invisible light emitters and receivers built into the frame of the patented driving glasses which measure the movement of the wearer’s eyelids 500 times per second. An alarm is sounded up to 30 minutes prior to noticeable sleepiness characteristics setting in.
While up until now the system needed to be hardwired to the vehicle, the new Portable unit can be swapped between vehicles with the driver retaining his or her own uniquely calibrated glasses.
“With soft or hard mount options available, users now have the choice of whether they want the system temporarily connected to the vehicle or hard mounted via a permanent base,” said Optalert managing director, John Prendergast. “The install time is now also significantly shorter which reduces vehicle down time.”
With the processor, modem, repeater and speaker all packaged into one compact case, the Portable can be also used in passenger vehicles to provide added safety for drivers during the journey home, where drowsiness is a major risk.
“Many of our customers are very concerned about the journey home for their drivers,” John added. “That drive home, which can be anywhere up to two hours, is risky for drivers who’ve just completed a long and gruelling shift, often at night. Now, the Portable system allows drivers to gain direct feedback on their alertness levels up to half an hour before they feel any signs of drowsiness.”


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