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On the front line

The trucking industry is never going to improve its image all the time incidents like this occur on our roads. The rule in Queensland is the vehicle must give a cyclist at least one metre in a 60 km/h zone. When the bike rider confronts the truck driver, he gets abuse from a very aggressive truckie. This sort of incident will be repeated all over the country every day.


In fact, truck drivers and bike riders would be better off getting together and fighting for a common cause, for both groups on our highways, getting better on-road behaviour and consideration from car drivers!!


Here we see another truck driver making a fool of himself, tailgating then abusing a ute driver for some perceived wrong. The ute may have been stupid but the truck just makes the trucking world’s image worse by his behaviour.


This kind of tailgating gives talkback radio the chance to bag truckies over and over again.

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