Offering From Hino Bang up to Date

offering from Hino bang up to date

One major feature of the new 700 Series range is a broadening of the models available, coupled with Euro 6, there is also a suite of electronic safety features which brings the complete offering from Hino bang up to date.

The 700 Series now includes a nine-litre engine option, which opens these models up to a number of new market segments which have not been able to access the 700 Series before.

Hino has completely upgraded all of the trucks it offers to the Australian truck market. It started with the new 500 Series, was then followed by the new 300 Series, and now we see the arrival of the new 700 Series heavy duty truck range from the Japanese manufacturer.

The 700 Series range goes from the 10 models of the previous iteration to 19 models in the new range. Engines, previously only available as options in the 500 Series have now got some extra horsepower and are available in a 700 Series chassis.

This first of the two new nine litre engines, the A09C-VP, is rated at 320hp (235kW) and produces 1275Nm (940 ft lb) of torque, which is available from 1100 rpm all the way up to 1600 rpm. This engine is available with the Allison 3200 six speed automatic transmission.

There is also a more powerful 360hp (265kW) 9-litre available, the A09C-BN, which puts out 1569 Nm (1157 ft lb) of torque. With this engine the Allison 4440 auto is included in the driveline. This higher horsepower engine will be powering the new 8×4 models and using this heavier automatic gives the truck a deeper first gear, improving startability, enabling it to be used up to 42.5 tonnes GCM.

The nine-litre engine is an upgrade on the current nine-litre sold in the top end of the 500 Series trucks at the moment. This latest version, the Euro 6 model, uses the same engine block as has been used before, but in virtually every other system there have been upgrades on this latest engine.

The new engine at the lower power rating will be available on the 4×2, 6×2 and 6×4 models, and the larger more powerful engine will be available on the 8×4 models, which Hino offers, for the first time, with a load sharing suspension. In tare weight terms of the nine litre offers a reduction in overall weight of around 500 kg, when comparing models like for like. This is particularly apparent, and relevant, in the 8×4 model.

offering from Hino bang up to date

This development sees Hino finally coming to the Australian 8×4 party and should enable them to start to compete in market segments like concrete agitators, where it has been unable to genuinely compete in the past.

This latest launch and these new models sees the Hino brand finally competing strongly in a segment of the market which has become highly competitive in the last few years, with just about every truck brand improving its offer into the highly specialised twin steer segment and the fiercely fought heavy rigid market.

The differential ratios on offer have been altered for these new models and now the engine rpm sits at around 1700, when the truck is doing 100 km/h.

Trucks fitted with the nine litre engines have a cabin which sits about 120 mm lower than those fitted with the 13-litre engine. This is possible because the truck is fitted with an adapted version of the cooling package fitted in the lower 500 Series when using the nine-litre engine.

offering from Hino bang up to date

“The new 700 Series is a massive deal for the Hino brand,” says Daniel Petrovski, Manager of Product Strategy for Hino Australia.”It puts a comma on the product renewal across our range, it’s stage one of what will be a multi stage 700 Series introduction. It will begin with an expanded model range.”

“It is a new truck, I think the only thing that remains from the old model is the chassis rails. All of the chassis packaging and accessories around the chassis rails have been updated. Plus, we now add in the nine litre engine.”

offering from Hino bang up to date

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