NTC welcomes new centre for fatigue research

The Federal Government has established a new Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), with one of its focuses looking at Alertness, Safety and Productivity as a bid to reduce workplace injuries.

The new CRC will build on Australia’s strengths in sleep and alertness research by bringing together expert knowledge, state of the art technologies, and key partners, including the Transport and Logistics industry.

“Fatigue is a major cause of death and serious injury on our roads,” said National Transport Commission (NTC) Acting Chief Executive, George Konstandakos.

“The outcomes of this research will help us better understand how the impact of fatigue on workplace safety can be reduced.

“We look forward to working closely with our reform partners to use the findings to provide industry with practical tools and evidence based policies to help manage fatigue safely.”

The NTC will be an active participant in the CRC and will actively engage with its work to help ensure that future reforms continue to be informed by the best available scientific knowledge.

“There is a lot more to learn about how fatigue impacts upon our safety and productivity and the NTC looks forward to assisting the CRC’s work,” said Mr Konstandakos.

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