Not Too Close!

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It’s a message that the trucking industry and the safety authorities have to keep on banging on about, we share the road with cars close by, but not too close!

The regular trick by car drivers of dropping into the truck’s braking space, which it leaves behind any vehicle in front, is one of the most infuriating of the many infuriating things which car drivers do every day, all over the country.

Of course, this is not the only thing the car drivers of Australia do to make driving trucks harder, there are plenty to choose from, but the list is too long to be included here.

Needless to say, there is a reason that car drivers make these inherently dangerous manoeuvres without thinking. If we want to be as charitable as possible, then the answer is they simply do not know.

The level of knowledge among car drivers about trucks, their capabilities and their risks is abysmally low. The training of drivers in this country hardly touches on the subject of driving in the same environment as vehicles up to 85 tonnes doing 100km/h on the highway.

If we choose not to be charitable towards the car drivers creating all of these dangerous situations, needlessly, on our roads, then we can surmise that they just don’t care about the trucks and their drivers. There is a space in the traffic and they want it, the truck driver will just have to back off if they want to avoid the risk of collision.

The fact of the matter is, they should care. In most of the incidents when a truck collides with a car, the car comes off a lot worse, and the chance of there being a fatality is much higher for the people in the car than it is for the people in the truck.

Think on that, or just think.

not too close!

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