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Nikola Motor Co is currently attracting the attention of the transportation industry thanks to its electrically-powered hybrid trucks.

From 2020, fuel cell trucks Nikola One and Nikola Two are set to make a positive impression on the North American market with an output of 1,000 hp and a range of more than 1,600 km, economical consumption and advanced safety features. The company is also developing the hydrogen-powered Nikola Three. It is expected to be seen on European roads from 2022, with a range of 500 to 1,200 km.

The hydrogen-powered prototype from Nikola Trucks was recently showcased featuring a lightweight FWAL-E aluminium fifth wheel from SAF-HOLLAND as part of US startup. This high-quality, exceptionally lightweight component is already installed on the prototypes of hydrogen-powered trucks Nikola One and Nikola Two.

The forged aluminium fifth wheel is up to 55 kg lighter than other couplings. The Weightsaver mounting system optionally reduces the weight by another 35 kg.

The grease-free NoLube technology with low-wear, replaceable slide plates and bearing inserts is exceptionally economical and environmentally friendly.

FWAL-E is designed for imposed loads of up to 20 tons and is available in three heights: 167, 197 and 219 mm.




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