NHVR seeks feedback on heavy vehicle access applications

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is seeking feedback from trucking operators on the level of service currently experienced when making heavy vehicle access applications.

On 1 September 2013, the responsibility for issuing access permits for heavy vehicles is due to be transferred from states and territories to the NHVR (except Western Australia).

NHVR CEO, Richard Hancock wants feedback from operators who have made a heavy vehicle access application in the past with states and territories.

“We are focusing on heavy vehicle access first as it is one of the prime areas where gains will be made in shifting to one single national regulator,” Mr Hancock said.

“We want to hear from operators who have made an application and what was their experience like.

“It’s important that people let us know what is working well and what could work better, so we can identify where improvements can be made and establish what our performance standards should be.

“From 1 September the NHVR is scheduled to be the single point of contact for heavy vehicle access permit applications. We want to make sure we are providing the right tools and support to deliver a quality service.

“Consultation is a core element of our operations and we will continue to speak to industry groups and operators directly to shape our customer service into the future,” said Mr Hancock.

The survey on heavy vehicle access applications is available on the NHVR website at The survey is open from Monday 15 July to Monday 29 July.

The new national heavy vehicle access system will deliver significant cost savings for industry by only needing one application with one fee to one single point of contact. The NHVR will then liaise with all relevant road managers to get a response to the application.

Applications will be assessed by both the NHVR and road managers against one set of specific criteria required by the HVNL, rather than the differing criteria under the current legislation of the states and territories.

The NHVR will publish details later in July on how the new system works and the differences to current jurisdiction processes.

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